Life and Career of Thomas Carnevale

More Tips About Thomas Carnevale

Thomas Carnevale is a well-known business executive and also a leading expert in video surveillance and security industry. With his background in telecommunication industry, he first entered the industry of security by creating the JCS Digital Security, as his start-up in entrepreneurship. The focus of his first business was to integrate the best breed on surveillance technologies for both the governmental and commercial clients.

As of today, Thomas Carnevale serves as the CEO and Chairman of an end to end IP video solutions called, Sentry 360 Security. This company has a special focus on the most advanced surveillance cameras with very high resolutions and systems for software management.

Because of his famous expertise in the video security industry, Thomas has already delivered many key speeches about video security surveillance and the Sentry 360 Company has been posted and published several times in different magazines. Most notably, he spoke at NYC Battery Pack Post 911, a meeting about municipal security for IP user Groups. He delivered amazing speeches that covered different topics like convergence of IP video, applications of intelligent video and compression of video storage. Last 2007, the September magazine issue of Security Disturbing Magazine had highlighted the unique product of Sentry 360 in the Work and Technology section. He was also named as one of the top 25 show stealers at the International Security Conference in the same year. In 2013, his company, Sentry 360 Security has received an award, “The Security Products New Product of the Year”, to honor their amazing and outstanding achievements in product development.

Additionally, Thomas Carnevale is now an active consultant for Gerson Lehman Group. The group is an independent research development form that serves investment and business leader. Thomas is the one that educates top investment leader from across the world about the latest technology and trends on video surveillance and provide companies a perfect technology for security that will secure their forecast and market shares potential growth.

Recently, Thomas Carnevale was named scholar-level consultant, which in other words mean, he is demanded by over 70 percent of the GLG’s 400,000 pool of consultants. Thomas Carnevale is also an independent consultant on security technology called, Guidepoint Global, which is a research firm that that provides that business and investors decision-makers with an on-demand access to the experts of the industry.

When Thomas is not working, he is spending his time in Gregory gifts by donating and sponsoring many monthly projects. Their program “Random Gifts” allow people to have an opportunity by giving away variety of causes.