Mary Morrissey and Her Life Journey

Mary MorrisseyMotivational Speakers are admiring people who are willing to share what’s on their mind and what experiences they have gone through to encourage people do ways that are effective in changing their lives for better. Mary Morrissey is one of these motivational speakers that are truly inspiring along years as she had started he goal of spreading words with life and spiritual values encouraging everyone. She already has spent her life in being a life coach, teacher and a motivational speaker.

Before Mary Morrissey became a teacher, life coach and a motivational speaker, she have gone through different experiences that made her stand still and more encourage to persuade people with her words. Here are the life journeys of Mary of how she became a motivational teacher and a life coach for many years in her life.

• Mary is currently into conducting seminars and trainings, retreats and lectures in Pacific Northwest, in Washington areas, in Portland, Oregon and in Seattle. She is also occasionally conducting workshops, on the country’s different region.
• Mary is the president of ‘Association for Global New Thought’.
• She has already done doing a motivational speech United Nations for three times in different time/year. She made it successfully with Arun Ghandi in relevance of Season for Nonviolence.
• Mary also participated in the interfaith dialogue together with Dalai Lama.
• She is also the author of the book “Building your Field of Dreams”.
• She also became the one of the “Living Enrichment Center” founder and the church became one of the largest churches in Oregon and the “Association of Global New Thought Church.
• She had her Sunday sermons for the Living Enrichment Center where there are estimated 2 million of homes on US West Cost has the access for listening and watching on her words while speaking. The Sunday sermon of LEC is considered by the media as “mega-church” because of the spiritual messages being delivered to the audience.

Mary MorrisseyThese are the achievement of Mary Morrissey in her journey of teaching and being a life coach for many people around the state of US. The years when she have started to make her own way to reach people are also the time that she is able to prove that everyone can achieve goals. Mary explains different aspects in life situation and actions that are supposed to be given solutions like for example is the act of being confident in reaching one’s goals. Mary has her own explanations of the things that are life related matters which are essential to everyone.

If you are going to look for the life journey of Mary Morrissey, you can also tell that not everyone is like Mary who has the courage to tell what is on her mind and what speak for what they believe is right. Mary as another person is an inspiring individual that is v helpful in lifting up one’s courage for achieving dreams and facing all of the life’s challenges that will be experienced by everyone. Take a look at Mary’s stories online to know her more.